Indian Golf Connexions

Golf in East India

East India offers a plethora of pleasures for a traveller’s soul. Known for wide spread biosphere reserves, biodiversity hotspots, Tibetan monasteries, historical structures, temples and other distinct elements, tourism in East India prides in providing something for every traveller.

Calcutta, the city of joy consists of the oldest golf course in the World, outside the British Isles “the Royal Calcutta Golf Course” which was founded in 1829.

Combine it with the courses in tea garden and hill country in the North East in Digboi & Shillong and you have a full fledged golfing experience in this region by itself.

Most Selling Golf Courses

1. Royal Calcutta Golf Course

2. Tollygunge Golf Club

East India
3 Days
2 Nights
2 Rounds
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